ByrneWallace LLP Anna Teague
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Anna Teague

Job Title:Trainee Solicitor
Trainee Placements:Property: Infrastructure Construction & Energy; Employment 
Qualifications:Qualifications: Bachelor of Law UCD – 2019
FE1s: 2020
Due to Qualify:2024

Why ByrneWallace LLP?

ByrneWallace LLP is a top-tier law firm, with an excellent reputation in terms of both people and quality of work. I applied for the ByrneWallace LLP traineeship in 2018 as a final year student and it was during the application process that I was struck by how much the firm values trainees through treating them as an important member of the team and investing in their learning.  Every day I work alongside and communicate with colleagues at all levels – fellow trainees, newly qualified solicitors, associates and partners. I am gaining access to experience across all levels and I know this is the perfect training programme to be in.

Describe your rotations to date

After I had been offered the traineeship, I took the opportunity to work as a Paralegal in the Property Department. This allowed me to gain experience in the firm before I began my traineeship and become familiar with the people and processes. I was involved in multiple transactions and was kept busy from day one with great support from my colleagues. I left the department feeling I had gained a lot of experience during a short period of time and this was excellent preparation for life as a trainee. 
My first rotation as a trainee was in the Infrastructure, Construction and Energy Department. I assisted on a range of work including complex cross-departmental transactions, Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings such as Adjudication and Conciliation, drafting briefs and carrying out research across a broad range of topics. I was very fortunate to gain experience in a department with both transactional and litigation work from the outset of my traineeship and this will benefit me going forward. As my first rotation, I was delighted with how welcoming and patient the team were as they were always happy to explain concepts and procedures and offer their leading expertise. 
I am currently working in the Employment Department. As the only trainee in the department I have been delegated a lot of responsibility, for example through spending time in both the Four Courts and the Labour Court, assisting on drafting court documents, submissions and settlement agreements, carrying out research to formulate arguments and advice and being trusted to correspond with client’s and the Workplace Relations Commission. I have thoroughly enjoyed building on my experience and growing in confidence. I have just under two months left in the Employment Department and I will be leaving feeling very grateful to the team and very accomplished in terms of my professional development. 

Future at ByrneWallace LLP

I am coming to the end of my second rotation and looking forward to the remainder of my traineeship as I am excited to work alongside more of my colleagues at ByrneWallace and learn from their expertise. I hope to continue to develop both professionally and personally and I look forward to qualifying as a very well-rounded solicitor.