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Donal Roche

Job Title:

Trainee Solicitor
Trainee Placements:Health Services and Banking, Litigation, Corporate

BA Economics and Sociology - 2013
MSC Real Estate - 2015
FE1s - 2016
PPC1 - 2017

Due to Qualify:2019

Why ByrneWallace?

I chose ByrneWallace not only because of its excellent reputation as a law firm, but also due to its excellent reputation as a law firm to train in. What is unique to ByrneWallace in the context of other large law firms is that each individual department deals with a range of issues and isn’t overly specialised in any one niche area. This is particularly valuable for a trainee solicitor as we are provided with the opportunity to learn across a wide spectrum of the law, rather than being confined to a specific area during a rotation. 

ByrneWallace has a strong educational culture and learning and development is a core value of the firm. The firm hosts educational workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year.  

What I enjoy about ByrneWallace, is the friendly atmosphere within the firm, and over a relatively short period of time, a trainee will find themselves able to say hello to almost everyone they come across in a working day. Everyone is also encouraged to get know each other and the space and layout of the office is very conducive to this. 

Describe the interview process

Throughout the interview process I was put at ease and given the opportunity to present myself in the best possible light. The first interview allows you to talk about yourself and display your personality, and the variety of work experience that you have. It also enables you to pose any questions you may have to the people who know the firm best. 

My second interview was a presentation to two partners followed by some competency based questions. In hindsight, and I must say I was surprised at this, I actually found the presentation to be a very relaxed and positive experience. It allowed me to show my ability to research and present information in a clear way and I felt that it was a good way to start the interview as it enabled me to build confidence for the remainder of the interview.

Describe your rotations to date

I commenced my traineeship in ByrneWallace in April 2017, and my first rotation was within the Health Services Department. This is an energetic and versatile practice area. I was able to work on cases that not only gave me experience in law but also gave me experience in life. While in the Health Services Department, I was able to attend the courts on a regular basis and found this to be an invaluable experience. 

After returning from PPC1, I began my rotation in the Banking Department. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there as it is a department that conducts a broad range of work and is transaction-based. I’ve been able to expand my knowledge in the areas of both property and corporate law, which will be hugely beneficial to me in the future. The team has a strong client focus and holds a large amount of department education workshops which I found very beneficial. I particularly enjoyed the level of responsibility that I was given. It was reassuring to have an extended and friendly team around me who were always willing to help if any issues arose. I feel my experience to date, demonstrates the core strengths of ByrneWallace as a firm, as in a relatively short space of time, I was able to work in two very contrasting work environments.