ByrneWallace LLP Jack Binchy
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Jack Binchy

Job Title:Trainee Solicitor
Trainee Placements:Property
Qualifications:Bachelor of Business & Law UCD - 2019
FE1s - 2020
Due to Qualify:2024

Why ByrneWallace LLP?

As one of the leading and fastest growing Law Firms in Ireland Byrne Wallace LLP was always an attractive prospect to me. I applied for the Summer Intern programme in the summer of 2018 and spent a month working in the Property department gaining worthwhile experience. I was extremely impressed with how accessible the staff were at all levels and how willing they were to invest and assist in my development at such an early stage. I also witnessed first-hand the wide variety of roles and responsibilities undertaken by the trainee solicitors in the firm and the ongoing learning and development opportunities which were made available to them. Byrne Wallace LLP places huge value in its summer intern programme and views it as a means to recruiting future trainees. I interviewed for the trainee programme at the end of my internship and was fortunate enough to be offered a training contract.

Describe your rotations to date

I am currently undergoing my first rotation in the Property department, and the experience I have gained during this period has been invaluable. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects ranging from residential purchases to multi-million euro transactions involving massive corporations.  My regular tasks have included drafting deeds and declarations, completing property registrations and conducting legal research to name just a few. The Property department is the largest department in the firm and comprises some of the leading conveyancers in the country, who are more than willing to share their expertise and offer their support when needed. 

Future at ByrneWallace LLP

I am currently coming to the end of my first rotation and I am looking forward to my next rotation in one of the wide-range of practice areas that Byrne Wallace LLP offers as a full-service firm. I hope to take full advantage of the learning and development opportunities Byrne Wallace LLP offers and to diversify my training by working with the reputable teams in each of the firm’s departments.