ByrneWallace LLP Kate Passmore
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Kate Passmore

Job Title:Trainee Solicitor
Trainee Placements:Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Tax and Banking & Finance
Qualifications:BCL - University College Cork, 2018
LLM Business Law - University College Cork, 2019
FE1s: 2020
Due to Qualify:2024

Why ByrneWallace LLP?

I was initially drawn to ByrneWallace LLP due to the wide range of practice areas within the firm and its market-leading reputation.  Having attended the Trainee Insight’s Webinar, it was clear that ByrneWallace LLP lived up to such a reputation, showcasing the diverse and forward-thinking nature of the firm, as well as how much they valued their employees. 

This approach continued to be apparent throughout the firm’s recruitment process, where the interviewing partners sought to get to know each candidate both personally and professionally, as well as affording candidates the opportunity to gain a strong sense of the firm and its core values.

Describe your rotations to date

Prior to commencing the PPCI course, I completed a pre-seat in the firm’s Litigation department where I gained invaluable experience across a number of contrasting areas of commercial litigation. I found it particularly beneficial to work with multiple teams in the department, as this meant I had the opportunity to work with many different fee earners and get involved in a wide variety of cases.

Upon my return from Blackhall I joined the Tax department, where I completed a 5 month seat. During my time in Tax, I was involved in a wide range of transactions in which I was allocated plenty of responsibility. This hands-on experience, along with the exposure to transactions from inception to closing, allowed me to enhance my legal skillset and broaden my understanding of many aspects of the practice area.

Having completed my seat in Tax, I then joined the Banking department in September 2022 where I remained until PPCII. From the outset I was struck by how many of the partners in the department had trained in ByrneWallace LLP, which is a testament to the collegiate culture that exists within the firm along with their commitment to retaining talent. Having the opportunity to complete a longer seat in the department and work in Banking for its busiest period, allowed me to further build on my transactional experience and become more confident working under time pressure. I have found my time in Banking to be incredibly rewarding and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the department - so much so, that I re-joined the department on completion of PPCII and am due to remain here until qualification.

Each seat I have completed, although different in terms of practice area, has been consistent in terms of the mentorship provided and the eagerness of each department to get trainees involved in as much as possible throughout their rotation. 

I believe the wide scope of training provided throughout the trainee programme along with the active engagement from solicitors at every level, really sets the ByrneWallace LLP traineeship apart. Of further benefit are the size of the intakes, which favour seat-preferences and further facilitates both personal and professional development. 

Future at ByrneWallace LLP

As I near the end of my traineeship, I am really looking forward to qualifying in the firm and feel confident that the excellent training I have received will have prepared me to become a proficient and well-rounded solicitor.