Careers Philip O'Leary
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Philip O'Leary

Job Title:Trainee Solicitor
Trainee Placements:Health Services, Property and Taxation

BCL, University College Cork - 2015
LLM (Business Law), University College Cork - 2016
FE1 Examinations
PPC 1 - 2018

Due to Qualify:2020

Why ByrneWallace?

ByrneWallace is a prestigious law firm with an excellent ethos and a thriving learning environment. The firm possesses a unique sense of dedication to its trainee solicitors, a characteristic which proved a swaying factor in my decision.

From researching the firm in advance of applying for the traineeship, it was apparent that ByrneWallace is a dynamic, fast-moving and ambitious law firm catering to many diverse practice areas. The strong calibre of clients ByrneWallace represents also provides the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging cases. My initial perception of the firm has been corroborated over the course of my traineeship to date. ByrneWallace is ever-expanding with a goal to deliver excellent client service. This, for me, stood as the ideal place to enhance my skills as a solicitor.  

Describe the interview process

The interview process was rigorous; a testament to the quality ByrneWallace searches for in its employees. Upon being invited for interview, the first round was a group interview with members of the Human Resource team. This allowed potential candidates to flourish in a relaxed environment and really gives you the opportunity to outline your individual characteristics. 

Upon being called to a second round interview, we were asked to prepare a short PowerPoint presentation. Preparing the presentation provides future trainees the opportunity to display their skills of working within short time frames, public speaking ability while under pressure and flourishing outside your comfort zone – all characteristics that are beneficial to your life as a trainee. 

I was assigned the topic of the recently establish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. I was in the lucky position to interview with the then Managing Partner, Catherine Guy which was both daunting and rewarding. From the outset, I felt relaxed and capable of conveying the information as I intended. 

Future at ByrneWallace

I am currently seated with the Tax Department, having recently completed a rotation in the Property Department. I will be seated in Tax until commencing PPC2 in April 2020. Given my background in Business Law, I welcome the opportunity to practice in an area I have been interested in over the course of my studies and early professional life. Upon returning to the office, post-PPC2, I look forward to gaining further exposure to my areas of interest, hopefully through a rotation in the Corporate Department.

ByrneWallace is an ambitious firm with a growing national and international client base. Being part of such a fast moving, dynamic firm is a fantastic way to kick-start your legal career.