ByrneWallace LLP Your Traineeship
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Your Traineeship

Successfully making the transition from college to a traineeship in a commercial law firm is a big step. We understand this and have developed specific learning and development programmes designed to help make this move easier. We also pride ourselves in ensuring that your time with us will be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Being an excellent lawyer in a progressive commercial law firm is about more than having pure legal knowledge. During your traineeship with ByrneWallace LLP, we will help you develop your technical legal knowledge and, legal skills along with commercial and financial awareness.

Learning and Development

During the first two weeks at ByrneWallace LLP, you will participate in an induction programme which will introduce you to the way we work, the systems that we use and more importantly, will give you the skills to use our state-of-the-art research resources.

Trainees also participate in a Learning and Development Programme which builds upon the content of the Law Society Professional Practice Courses which are part of your training contract. The Programme includes seminars on  legal topics delivered by experienced practitioners, business and finance courses, regular firm-wide business and industry-led seminars and workshops and seminars covering legal skills such as drafting, negotiation and client care.


Our training is provided on a rotation basis and you will have an opportunity to work with experienced lawyers, and gain practical on-the-job experience across the core areas of our practice during the two year training period, thus ensuring you develop a broad range of skills and knowledge in as many aspects of legal practice as possible.

Partner Supervision

You will be assigned to a partner in each of the departments in which you work over the course of your traineeship. You will also have the opportunity to gain direct, hands-on experience working on client cases, under appropriate supervision and guidance. The partner assigned to you will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your progress and there will be a formal review at the end of each rotation. This will ensure you receive the necessary support and training to enable you to gain as much experience as possible throughout the time you spend with us.

Personal Development

As well as enhancing your legal and business knowledge and experience, we will support and encourage you to maximise your potential through assessing and developing your own personal skills and qualities.  We will help you to set personal goals around communication skills, decision making, problem solving, time management and leadership skills.   We want you to excel and will offer you the opportunity to reach your full potential and develop both professionally and personally.