News and Recent Work ByrneWallace and Dublin Chamber host webinar on Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis
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ByrneWallace and Dublin Chamber host webinar on Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

Monday, 06 April 2020

ByrneWallace, in conjunction with Dublin Chamber, are hosting a webinar entitled Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis - Dealing with contractual agreements & claiming for loss of business on Tuesday, 7 April at 12.00pm.

On this webinar, partners Mark O'Shaughnessy from our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Team and Gerry Beausang from our Corporate Team will address some of the key legal issues affecting businesses as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis - Force Majeure and Business Interruption Insurance. 

With many organisations facing significant business disruption due to business closures, government measures and restrictions on trade, or lost income from supply chain issues or fall in consumer sales, we will consider the contractual and legal issues arising when these business disruptions render organisations, or the parties that they have contracts with, incapable of meeting their contractual obligations.  Are organisations liable for not fulfilling their contractual obligations? Or does the doctrine of “force majeure” (superior force) apply - if so, how does it operate and what are the legal and financial consequences of invoking force majeure in a contract? 

And with many insurers taking a firm line globally on the extent to which businesses can expect to be indemnified for their losses from COVID-19, we will also discuss business interruption insurance, and examine whether COVID-19 is classified as an insurable claim and whether businesses are eligible to claim for loss of income, continuing operating expenses, rent, payroll and stock etc, and what is likely to happen regarding coverage.  

If you or a colleague would like to attend or would like more information on this webinar, please contact

For advice on any of the key legal issues associated with COVID-19 which may be impacting upon your business, see our COVID-19 portal or contact a member of our COVID-19 Advisory Team