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Brexit - Procurement

Critical issues for businesses to consider:

  • New UK Regime: In December 2018, the UK Government published a draft Statutory Instrument (The Public Procurement (Amendment etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 which will come into force on the day the UK exits the EU.

  • Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA): The UK intends to join the World Trade Organisation GPA in order to gain access to government procurement markets of other members.

  • Access for tenderers from EU Member States: The UK will give economic operators from other countries that are a party to the GPA (which includes the EU Member States) access to the UK Public Procurement market.

  • New Platform for Advertisements: Notices previously published in OJEU will be advertised in a new e-notification service.

  • UK Tenderers: Economic operators will have the same status as bidders from third countries which do not have an agreement with the EU providing for the EU procurement market limiting their ability to tender for certain supply contracts under the Utilities Directive and for security and defence contracts.

  • EU Standards: UK Tenderers may find it more difficult to comply with or proof equivalence with EU standards or recognition of qualifications.
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