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Medical Law

We are accustomed to dealing with unusual, complex and urgent requests for advices on a diverse range of medical law matters.  

In addition to providing full legal support, we are responsible and flexible in liaising with the staff involved and the management team.  

Our team will attend on site to provide strategic advices if necessary and warranted, and adopting a collaborative approach we will set out the options and undertake a risk analysis for the organisation in relation to the range of available options.

Our services include advising on areas such as the following:

  • Consent to treatment in relation to patients with altered conscious levels (e.g. inebriated patients brought in through A&E, neurological and/or neuro-surgical patients)
  • Imposition of treatment on persons who lack capacity (e.g. patients with Anorexia Nervosa))
  • Imposition of treatment on persons with full capacity where there are competing rights (e.g. a pregnant woman with HIV and the rights of the baby)
  • Withdrawal of life support treatment cases (End of Life)
  • Do Not Resuscitate Orders (End of Life)
  • Vulnerable Persons (elderly, mental health patients)
  • Wardship applications and Wards of Courts matters
  • Scope and extent of consent provided by patients (e.g. requests by an Gardaí for pre-transfusion blood samples being held in connection with a criminal offence)
  • Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013
  • Risk of providing care and treatment to, for example, persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia which could amount to a deprivation of liberty
  • Treating violent patients
  • Restraining patients lawfully
  • Organ donation and retention 
  • European Regulations in relation to the quality and safety of blood products
  • Pharmacy legislation
  • Provision of a domiciliary homebirth service 
  • Application of the open disclosure policy
  • Disposal of clinical waste

For further information, please contact a member of our Health and Social Care Team