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Crisis Management

Crises such as regulatory investigations, product recalls, competitor attacks, complex civil litigation/arbitration, data breaches, hostile leavers and adverse media intrusion are an increasing reality for many organisations.

Advance planning combined with taking pro-active and immediate ownership of a developing crisis is essential. This ensures organisations can deal in real-time with the multiple issues that may arise. Adopting this approach will position an organisation in the best possible way to manage and resolve the consequences. This will minimise the reputational and financial fallout.

Our team are experienced in assisting our clients effectively manage and control the crucial initial 48 hour period of a crisis. We have a market leading reputation for helping clients react quickly by creating and implementing effective and timely crisis response/management plans. These plans identify key immediate, medium and long term aims, and devise a series of tasks to ensure these aims are achieved. 

A core component of our service is our risk advisory and crisis planning workshops. These planning sessions provide an organisation's management team with the ability to identify its key risks, simulate a crisis and assess reactions. We will then incorporate these learnings into your organisation’s crisis management plan. This will future-proof your organisation in the event of a crisis occurring.

Our Services 

We can advise on any crisis resulting from the following: